::BigData Analytics::

Big data analytics is the process of using advanced analytic techniques on very large, diverse data sets that comprise structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, gathered from various sources and in different sizes in the range of terabytes to zetabytes. Big data analytics gives companies across different industires, a way to process the vast amounts of data gathered through various mediums and derive informational insight to make informed buissiness decisions.

Big data analytics provides the framework for organizations to analyze a variety of high volume, high velocity data captured through various sources in a timely and efficient manner, deriving operational value. Big data Analytics applications enable organizations to reduce the cost and complexity of data solutions and allow them to be competitive in a fast moving market landscape by removing the bottlenecks and limitations of the traditional business intelligence and analytics solutions.

Wether you are looking to streamline your data pipelines or to discover the hidden paterns that can add value to your oraganization, we can help you achieve those goals.
At Novo ProSo with our Big Data Ingension and DAN products we provide the full range of Big Data Analytics solutions, helping you unlock the insightful information from your data.